Breath for Difficult Emotional States Workshop Recording

Recording & slides of this unique workshop on breath for shifting out of difficult emotions.

Price: £10.00



This is a recording of an event originally aired on 12 September 2022

In this one hour workshop we will:

Learn breath & movement for transitioning through difficult emotional states with skill
Learn how to read your body's signals to understand how you feel with honesty
Learn the science behind WHY & HOW these techniques work

Includes  a recording of the workshop, and slides & PDFs from the event.

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About Ann-Marie

I’m Ann-Marie, an accredited psychotherapist and health coach with over 15 years experience.

I believe in the power of talking therapy for healing, but also that sometimes you need to start with the body and work your way inward to the mind for real whole-person health.

I have a unique skill set that allows me to provide:

Movement therapy

Holistic psychotherapy

Breathwork coaching

Nutrition coaching