Breath for Stress In Person Workshop

Functional breath assessment & instruction on how to talk about stress in a way that creates change.

Price: £20.00

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LEARN & EXPERIENCE the power of breath to regulate your stress response.

Learn a language to talk about stress in an effective, meaningful way
Learn how to respond to stress with skill & resilience
Explore functional breathing & how to use your human physiology to process & let go of strong reactions
Develop a toolkit of breath techniques & resources for resilience & self-regulation

This 1.5 hour workshop will include a functional breath assessment, skill-building around breath for calming stress and preparing for sleep, & instruction on how we can talk about stress in a way that creates change.

Ann-Marie is a breathing coach & therapist with over 15 years’ experience, as well as an accomplished CrossFit athlete and nutrition coach. She is trained in resilience coaching by experts in the USA and is co-director of Reading’s largest talk therapy centre.

This workshop will take place at Orchard Life, Midgham, Berkshire RG7 5UU

About Ann-Marie

I’m Ann-Marie, an accredited psychotherapist and health coach with over 15 years experience.

I believe in the power of talking therapy for healing, but also that sometimes you need to start with the body and work your way inward to the mind for real whole-person health.

I have a unique skill set that allows me to provide:

Movement therapy

Holistic psychotherapy

Breathwork coaching

Nutrition coaching